Washy Washy Happy Happy – PN14!
by on February 24, 2014 in Uncategorized

Progressive Nation at Sea 2014…Ummm, WOW. It’s tough to convey how amazing, inspirational, memorable and EPIC this cruise was! We are still Happy Happy and Smiling All The Time To be amongst such immense talent at every turn, amazing people from all over the world, and to also be able to perform our music as part of this event was truly an incredible opportunity ~ we are so thankful!!! (Thumbs Up to Mike Portnoy and Sixthman for putting this “festivacation” together and for all of their hard work!!) We look forward to continuing to build the friendships we made, and also channeling all the good vibes into writing more music…hope to see each and every one of you onboard next year! Much Love! #PROGRULES #PN14 #Sixthman #MikePortnoy #PN15

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