The Pit Magazine Review
by on May 19, 2017 in News Reviews Spread the Word

“Building Castles in Air” is Lucid Fly’s latest record. The band’s sound has been described as melodic prog rock and this record is 10 tracks of uniquely crafted songs touching on multiple styles. There are elements of modern rock, vintage alternative, and hints of gothic textures mixed throughout this record. Doug Mecca’s guitar sound seamlessly transitions from light acoustic style patterns into crunchy riff oriented leads, with Aaron Ficca’s drumming directly in line with equally dynamic shifts and tempo changes. Nikki Layne’s vocals provide an almost ethereal layer often waving over the music.

Lucid Fly sets themselves apart from similar bands like A Perfect Circle and Team Sleep with their usage of varying tones and contrasting elements. Their music is almost dreamlike and immediately puts you in a different mindset. Tracks Billowy and Broken, Ribbons, and Visions of Grandeur weave intricate tapestries of sound throughout Building Castles in Air, while songs like Mascot and Paperthin have more of a modern rock edginess to them. Their music has often been compared to Evanescence, Lacuna Coil, and even The Cranberries. While there may be moments throughout Building Castles in Air that remind you of these bands, none of these comparisons truly reflect Lucid Fly’s sound. It is an experience best to be heard and judged for yourself.

Building Castles in Air is best listened to in its entirety and in its proper sequence. This is a musical journey and not a collection of radio singles. It may not appeal to mainstream audiences, but it will more than satisfy progressive rock fans seeking artistry in their music. Although Lucid Fly originated in 2005, Building Castles in Air is their first full-length recording following a trio of EPs. The band has used the terms introspective, melancholy, and longing to describe this record. I’ll simply state it is expertly crafted, well recorded, and recommended to any fan of the genre.

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