Summer Lovin’
by on August 15, 2013 in Spread the Word

Summer is almost up and we hope yours has gone swimmingly 😉 Ours definitely has! We have been busy working behind the scenes and in the studio. We just recently
finished tracking guitars on 3 songs and have vocals, mixing and mastering left!
Here is a little preview of the last session at East West Studios with Brendan Dekora in Hollywood via Instagram: – don’t forget to follow us, too! 😀

Also, our new video for “Means to an End” off of our EP The Escape Stage has received a few awards on! We received a Video Award Gold for the high quality original video with good production, as well as, the Ultimate Musician Award, for being one of the most outstanding artists on their network! If you haven’t seen it yet..check it here and please spread the word!

Stay tuned for more updates…Much Love! LF

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