PowerMetal.de Review: Lacuna Coil meets A Perfect Circle
by on November 16, 2016 in News Reviews

Here’s the latest review of Building Castles In Air by Power Metal.de 🙂  [NOTE: Translated from German using Google Translate.. the original link below is in the original language]


What would it be like if Cristina Scabbia could get rid of all these constraints, which now dominate the sound of LACUNA COIL, and could simply give with full passion to the music that was not designed on the drawing board and later into one Predetermined drawer? It’s possible that the sound of LUCID FLY, whose front-line star Nikki Layne is traveling in similar regions as her popular Italian colleague, can be fed up with much more demanding tastes than Madame Scabbia.

The British trio was last seen with an EP on the agenda and home-made, sovereign criticism, which even a certain Mike Portnoy remained undetected, which has since been considered a fan of the troop. But even without the prominent support, the band has enough convincing power to settle in the border area between alternative and Prog – but you just do not get LUCID FLY or “Building Castles In Air”, because the band has not yet been able to record sign.

In the future, however, it is only a matter of form, for the artfully prepared material, with its elegiac melodies and the wonderful vocal performance, invites you to sink into it. The majority of the songs are surely bulky because LUCID FLY does not fall back on tapped harmonies, but the more you get into the matter, the more intense the ideas that are offered in the ten differently varied numbers. Especially in the second section, the band evolves once again to the female-fronted version of A PERFECT CIRCLE and also takes on instrumental similar requirements as Keenan and Co. ‘Follow Through’ and ‘The Opposite’ are the highlights of the album Followed by the rest of the eight tracks that deliberately defend each thrust and provide the band with the necessary characteristics quickly.

Only those who are interested in the punky nuances of the progressive music should be careful – because LUCID FLY does not work very sparingly. But here, too, one has to say that every facet only contributes to the big picture, and this is mostly fantastic on “Building Castles In Air”!

Björn Backes

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