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by on January 16, 2017 in News Reviews

More feedback on the new album! This time a BIG THANK YOU to James at My Random Jukebox 🙂 Check out his review of Building Castles In Air:

Last year I had the opportunity to speak with Nikki Layne from the rock band Lucid Fly (see post Introducing Lucid Fly). During the feature we were given a cool insight into the band and how they were working on their first full album ‘Building Castles in Air’. This album was something they strongly believed in but to help make it become a reality they launched a crowd-funding campaign to ensure its completion. The fans (including myself) rallied together and the campaign was a success! Now the album is out for the world to hear.

‘Building Castles in Air’ stays with their winning formula of delivering a no nonsense Hard Rock which includes some Progressive and Gothic energy in the mix. I love the roller-coaster of sounds they bring as it can be delicately haunting but then can grab you with a build up before the band hit you with a thunderstorm of heavy drums and guitars. The soundtrack to each song is great to listen to as the atmosphere they create always draws me in, at times its hypnotic. As for the vocals, Nikki is flawless in the way she delivers the words to the listener. When she sings, it seems effortless especially when she switches from a softer tone to soaring vocals.

Not one song from the album disappoints as they continue to deliver music to their usual high standard. ‘No I In Voice’ is a great example of Lucid Fly’s talent but the track you NEED to hear is ‘Visions Of Grandeur. This track shines the light on each member as they contribute to bring us something special. The instrumental start sets the tone before Nikki comes in to deliver my favourite vocals from the album. The tempo and vocals vary in style and it is this which helps makes the song stand out from the others. Just check it out and you will understand what I mean.

After an impressive growth to their sound with each release I had high expectations for ‘Building Castles in Air’ and I am happy to say that it did not let me down. If you like rock then you need to at least give it a listen but more importantly grab a copy of the album. You can get a digital copy from the usual places like Amazon or iTunes but if you prefer CD then head to their store.

I have spoke to the band and they confirmed how proud they are with what they have created but they still have more to offer. To find out what the band are up to including upcoming gigs then find them on their social media sites (Facebook or Twitter). This information can also be found on their website at which will give you more information about the band and much more.

Bands like Lucid Fly have been able to do what they love thanks to the support of their fans. This shows how important it is to support independent and unsigned artists. So, go and support the music that matters to you TODAY!…/

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