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by on November 29, 2009 in Reviews

 Lucid Fly has put forth a sophomore EP in the form of “The Escape Stage.” After several listens it appears the have done exactly the opposite of escaping but rather have found and come into their sound with stellar precision! Vocals that constantly astound with their versatility and strength and backing instrumentation that compliment those vocal qualities are the signature of the band and what makes this EP and them unique and rare.

 The band has obviously honed their writing skills to produce a CD that really illustrates the vocal talents and the musical talents of each of the band members. “dramatic personae” and “ dirge” both show that the band can hold it’s own with the best acts out there. They describe themselves as alternative and progressive rock and you definitely hear all that and more in these songs. The tune that best showcases all of each band member’s talents and stretches to show each in the best light of versatility is “alohum.” The vocals range from smooth and silky to an almost scream in a few small parts to emphasize the powerful lyrics. The guitars and drums each match these changes and also perfectly emphasize the lyrics with shining solo pieces. 

 Although you can hear elements of the genre tags they have placed on themselves, it is really difficult to tightly place them in any of those and they really should be classified as their own genre of really great music performed incredibly well and excellently produced. “The Escape Stage” shows how mind-blowing vocals and music can be tightly produced and yet not be over produced so they individually indeed stand out and yet meld for a great compilation on this EP. Lucid Fly has captured the elusive balance of a true artistic product with a decidedly commercial appeal that makes you have to listen again and again to hear how they did it so well.


Muen Magazine

The Escape Stage EP – Review

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