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by on September 17, 2009 in Reviews

Lucid Fly?! Now where have I heard that name before? , a bell is ringing but I just can’t put my finger on where….hey wait a minute.
I looked in my cd suitcase where I put most of my demo collection and I was right, there was a Lucid Fly demo from 2004.
However, I can’t remember that this female fronted quartet was this good back then as they are on the new 5 track “The escape stage” EP.
I am quite thrilled over these new songs that can be described as progressive hard rock with a real melodic touch, Nikki Layne’s vocal performance keeps the music together in a steady frame while the drummer Aaron Ficca is rather wild and takes a space walk once in a while with his drumkit.
Marvelous drumplaying by the way!
The best performance on this EP comes from guitar wiz Doug Mecca with fingers that sounds like a mix of Alex Lifeson (Rush) and Ty tabor (Kings X).
A lovely soundscape for the fan of great musicianship and good songs.

Review by: Kaj Roth

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