Lucid Fly - Stasis - 2015 - Album Cover
RELEASED: January 6, 2015
ARTIST: Lucid Fly

Lucid Fly’s latest release “Stasis” is the latest evolution of a band with a history of redefining itself. This redefinition may even be considered a combination of refinement and experiment, as these 3 songs express elements of the style last heard on 2009’s “The Escape Stage”, while treading new ground in songwriting, instrumentation. and production.

The band has always flirted with progressive ideas when it came to arrangements, rhythm, and time signatures, and this collection of songs stretches that a bit further. Melodically and lyrically, vocalist (Nikki Layne) reaches deeper and gets even more personal, while becoming a virtual instrument among the layers of guitars and sequenced ambient tones which weave around the rhythm section. Hiding all that complexity, each layer complements the next and results in a naturally flowing song, each with its own journey of peaks and valleys that take listeners along for the ride free to focus on any one layer or all of them at once.

Tying it all together required an open mind and an amazing set of ears — actually two sets in this case. The first track, “Waiting”, perhaps the most complex although shortest of the tracks, fell on the amazing hands of Melbourne’s Forrester Savell (Karnivool, Dead Letter Circus) to mix. He brilliantly blended every layer and sound into perfect placement for the aural canvas. Not to be unmatched, Adam Barber (Sevendust, Alter Bridge) took on the remaining tracks and seamlessly turned each into polished production, including some personal touches to be expected after years of previous chemistry with Lucid Fly (including Adapting to Gravity, among other earlier collaborations).

All in all, “Stasis” may represent a pause between where Lucid Fly has been, and where the band is now on their way to, as they continue to work in the studio on a full-length album due out in 2015. Hopefully it will meet current fans with comfort and surprise, and anticipation for what’s to come, while encouraging new discoverers to delve backwards into the discography to explore the journey from the beginning.

As their namesake Shannon Lucid enters the Astronaut Hall of Fame, not for recognition, but for simply doing what she is driven to do, Lucid Fly’s journey continues…

Produced by Lucid Fly
Engineered by Brendan Dekora at East West Studios, Hollywood, CA
“Waiting” mixed by Forrester Savell, “What Winter Was Like & “In This Ocean” mixed by Adam Barber
Album artwork painting by Adam Kiger,

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