Happy Holidays!
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Happy holidays… we hope you’ve got rockin plans no matter how you celebrate this season!

We still have so much to celebrate from 2015 plus the exciting times that are ahead. We can’t thank you enough for supporting us in what was perhaps the most significant year for Lucid Fly. We were able to make huge progress on our most ambitious project to date, after our successful Building Castles In Air campaign this past fall.

Since then, it’s been a busy end of the year for us. We’ve been doing lots of the tedious parts of making a record – scheduling, editing, planning, and paying attention to every detail. We can’t wait to start revealing the fruits of all that work. It will be well worth all the effort it’s been when we get to share it and hear your reactions and feedback.

We now have almost everything lined up to finish the album and then get all the campaign perks out to you early in the year. It’s never too late to reserve a copy of the CD or new merch as you can still check it all out on the IndieGoGo http://www.igg.me/at/lucidfly.

2015 was also a fantastic year of new music from bands all around the globe. It’s been a blast for us hosting our monthly radio show https://www.facebook.com/NegativeSp8ceRadio/, showcasing some of our favorites, and hopefully yours too. We’re always thrilled by the abundance of amazing talent proving this genre is not just going strong but thriving and blowing up!

We’re extremely stoked for 2016, as we wrap up the recording and then focus all our effort towards bringing it to the stage. We can’t wait to finally see you again in person and peform the new album live.

In the meantime, please take care of each other and be thankful for everyone in your life. No matter how long or short, the connections we make with each other are the most valuable moments that we create together.

Much love!
Doug & Nikki


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