Getting to know Ania Tomicka – Artist for Building Castles In Air

So many people have commented and shown love for the album artwork created by Ania Tomicka on our new release ‘Building Castles In Air’! We were very fortunate to be able to collaborate with her, and thought it would be cool for our friends and fans to get to know more about her, too! Check out this interview we did with her last June, while she was working on it 🙂


Can you please introduce yourself, where you’re from and a bit about your background?
My name is Ania and I am a 31 years old painter born in Poland. When I was 9 I moved to Italy with my parents and here I attended various art schools, first in Venice and then in Florence.

What motivated you want to become an artist? Who are your biggest influences?
I draw and paint since I was very little and my dream was to become a painter but when I grew up, many people told me it was impossible to live with your own art. I believed them until I discovered many young artists, belonging to the pop surreal movement in the USA, that actually worked as artists. I decided then that I will do my best to be able to make my dream came true.
My biggest influences are the great old masters like Leonardo, Bouguereau, Rembrandt, etc. I love to look at their paintings and try to understand how they made those beautiful flesh tone colors (I am struggling with that aspect at the moment, trying to find the best way to obtain it)

How would you describe your “style”?
My style is still very bound to the pop surrealism, but I am trying to find my own way. I started with realistic paintings and now I would like to find something in the middle and something more magical and evocative.

Are there certain hidden secrets or quirky actions or rituals that you’ve developed over time in your process of creating?
I always look at my paintings upside down, they look better 😛

What is your ultimate “artistic goal”?
To be able to inspire other artists and the people who looks at my artworks.

How does music inspire your art?
I always listen to music when I paint and draw and sometimes, when I fall in love with a particular song, I make artworks inspired by it or take the title. Almost every painting I did in the latest 3 years are called after a song.

Who are some of your favorite bands (past and current)?
Iron Maiden, Rishloo, Karnivool, Pain of Salvation, Dead Letter Circus, Gazpacho, Kamelot, Editors, Árstíðir and Lucid Fly obviously.

Why did you want to collaborate with Lucid Fly on their new album “Building Castles in Air”?
I heard their music and fell in love instantly. It was a honour for me to work with a band who is so talented.

How do you describe Lucid Fly’s sound?
I find it powerful and melancholic.

What were the main concepts, themes or ideas that you wanted to bring into Lucid Fly’s album artwork?
I wanted to create something magical and mysterious that can recall melancholy, nostalgia and introspection, this is why I chose to not show the face of the main character.

What were the most rewarding and challenging aspects of creating the artwork for this album? What did you learn with this project?
I tried to do something different from my usual artworks and this was a challenge for me. My strength is in the faces I paint, and this time I decided to focus on the entire composition and on the mood rather than on a single character.

How is the art scene and the music scene where you live, and does it ever intertwine?
The art scene is pretty good (concerning pop surrealism), we have some good galleries but still I work more with international ones, so I am not very updated at the moment. The same with music, all my favorite bands are from Australia and United States 😀

Where can people find your artwork or connect with you?
The place I interact more with people and post my artworks and wips is facebook:

Anything you would like to say to fans of your work?!
I had the pleasure to listen to some tracks from the new album and read some texts… everything is absolutely amazing!!! 🙂

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