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Despite having formed in 2001, alternative progressive rockers Lucid Fly are not exactly what you would call prolific. In their fifteen year existence, just three EP’s is all their discography can boast, however ‘quality over quantity’ is a saying you can seriously throw in their direction. Those three releases, ‘Adapting To Gravity’ (2005), ‘The Escape Stage’ (2009) and last year’s sublime ‘Statis’, have served as the perfect hors d’oeurve to their first full length album.

Self produced across various studios in Southern California and Oregon, it’s clear from the punchy opener, ‘Billowy And Broken’, that they wanted you held captive right from the get go. That’s mainly due to their brilliant front of house Nikki Layne, whose vocal prowess dominates each track with breathtaking ease. Her arresting delivery doesn’t put a foot wrong with each note genuinely measured and executed perfectly.

Labelled with the ever complicated and overcrowded progressive tag, this lot can sling their hat upon a lot of genres. ‘Circles Into Squares’, ‘Mascot’ and ‘Ribbons’ are all typically dark and haunting, but are generously seasoned with Metal and gothic tones. Tracks like lead off single ‘Visions Of Grandeur’ and closer ‘Paperthin’ may come across to the average listener as run of the mill modern melodic Metal. But to the more eagle eared, they will no doubt immediately smack of songs that will inspire and ignite you.

Packed with a mix of brilliance and boldness, Lucid Fly have produced an album that’s seeping with power and enchantment. Well worth the wait.

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