Boston Rock Radio Review
by on March 6, 2017 in News Radio Reviews

BIG LOVE to Tammy Carbonetto, Music Journalist at Boston Rock Radio for the latest review of our album “Building Castles in Air” – check it out 🙂

This music, the dreamlike-story rock is soft and peaceful and heavy where it needs to be, with layers of guitar and drums that will dig into your soul to soothe it. Nikki Layne has a beautiful voice which melds perfectly with the crafted instrumentals. The album strongly reminds me of a place where Evanescence’s music lead me, but this feels deeper than that even.

Lucid Fly is a strong, talented trio with a unique sound. The album, “Building Castles in Air”, engages the listener and each song is able to stand on its own as well as together as a whole. I read in their bio that they draw their inspiration from A Perfect Circle, and I definitely picked up a Tool-like tone to a couple of the songs. Maynard surely has a way of standing out. The musical change-ups and hooks pull you in and keep you wanting more. My favorite off this album is “Visions of Grandeur.”

Reflective metal with a purpose. Yeah, that’s it. They are based out of Los Angeles, CA. I think they need to come east to tour. Just throwing it out there! Now go — give your wicked, aching, metal hearts a soothe here:

Peace, Love & Metal

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