Pulling their name from a newspaper headline that read: “Lucid Flies Into the Record Book,” about astronaut Shannon Lucid, melodic prog rockers Lucid Fly founders Nikki Layne (vocalist) and Doug Mecca (guitarist) were obviously onto something very unique from the start.

Starting their musical journey in Orlando, FL, they steadily built a strong and loyal following throughout the Southeast and Midwest through constant touring; the band cut its teeth performing throughout the region on a regular basis and working their way up to larger clubs along the way. In 2005 they released their debut EP, ‘Adapting to Gravity,’ which was met with overwhelming praise from fans throughout the region.

Leaving the Sunshine State for The Golden State in 2007, the duo landed in Los Angeles, the city that has spawned millionaire rock stars and has broken the souls of so many others.  Within two months they met seasoned drummer Aaron Ficca and they were off and running.  Lucid Fly v2.0 began hitting local venues such as the legendary Key Club and Roxy as well as the iconic Viper Room and releasing ‘The Escape Stage’ in 2009.

Then the band started experimenting with new material and began developing a new way of writing together, while doing a short stretch of stripped down performances to refine their new ideas.  They were beginning to use technology to manipulate live ideas and then bring them back into the rehearsal room, developing their more current sound which started to show a little on their EP ‘Stasis’, which contained songs brilliantly mixed by Forrester Savell (Karnivool, Dead Letter Circus, and Twelve Foot Ninja) and Adam Barber (Sevendust, Alter Bridge).

A new full length album, Building Castles In Air, which the band self-produced and recorded in several studios throughout Southern California and Oregon (including their own home studio in Los Angeles) was already in progress. They once again turned to ARIA nominated Savell to mix and master. None of the ten tracks on the album had been performed live before recording began, and the band looks forward to introducing the world to the songs when the album debuts in the Fall of 2016, with tour dates soon to follow.

The mission continues…

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