3 Brand New Singles Released, Artwork and New Radio Show!
by on November 9, 2014 in Radio

We are proud to share that our 3 brand new tracks “Waiting”, “What Winter Was Like” and “In This Ocean” have officially all been released!! If you haven’t checked them out yet…you can still download them all for FREE off of our homepage at: www.lucidfly.com.

We especially want to thank everyone involved in making the release happen (Brendan Dekora, Forrester Savell, Adam Barber, Adam Kiger, and LuckyStarRadio – we appreciate all the hard work, time and effort you guys put in! Also, THANK YOU to our fans and supporters who have listened, shared and donated thus far – you guys ROCK and we really appreciate all the LOVE!

In addition, we wanted to give you an update and a little back story on the songs…

As many of you know, we had been writing new material for quite some time, and during this process we had the opportunity to track three songs with engineer Brendan Dekora (Muse, MuteMath) at East West Studios, in Hollywood, CA, who we previously worked with on The Escape Stage EP. These songs were really a continuation of the previous EP but also an evolution of Lucid Fly’s music stylistically. We had a few different people mix the songs in attempt at finding the right chemistry to record/mix our first full length album. As time went on, the 3 songs became their own “entity”, so we decided to release 1 song per month, and make this collection of songs special with limited edition merchandise. We ended up collaborating with Nikki’s former high school classmate, Adam Kiger, from Columbus, OH on a commissioned 36×48 acrylic painting done specifically for the tracks.

The painting can be seen in the artwork video for the song “Waiting” via youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4EwP6_Dik4I

During this time, we also teamed up with LuckyStarRadio and created a new radio show called “NegativeSp8ce” where we debuted the songs. “NegativeSp8ce” is a monthly radio show hosted by Nikki & Doug (and guests) to discuss the alternative/progressive/rock scene, noteworthy shows/events and any and all things creative from all over the globe! It airs the first Tuesday of each month at 5pm PST on luckystarradio.com.

As for the 3 new songs…

The first song we released was “Waiting” (August 5th) – this title is fitting for so many reasons, and we felt it was appropriate because new music from Lucid Fly was long overdue! This song was mixed by Australian Producer/Mixer, Forrester Savell (Karnivool, Dead Letter Circus), who has worked on some of our all time favorite albums!

The second song released was “What Winter Was Like” (September 2nd), and the third song “In This Ocean” (October 7th); these were both mixed/mastered by engineer Adam Barber (Boyce Avenue, Sevendust, Alter Bridge). The band previously worked with Adam on 3 songs from their first cd release “Adapting to Gravity,” back in Orlando, FL. These 2 songs have behind the scenes videos from the recording process, as well as, from the tour we did during the time we were in the studio! You can check them out & subscribe on our homepage or at: www.youtube.com/lucidflymusic

What we are up to now…

In addition to the 3 new singles, the band has been in pre-production, and we have finished tracking the drums for 14 new songs!!! Currently, we are working with producers in Colorado on the guitars and vocals and are aiming to have the new album completed by late Spring 2015! We’ll keep you updated of course 🙂

When we are playing live next…

Since the main focus has been on the recording, we haven’t really booked any shows, but Doug and I have mentioned the possibility of doing some one off acoustic shows – so you never know – and as for the full live band…we have considered changing things up and adding some new members. Some of you may know that Go, our bassist, decided to pursue other interests, so we are definitely looking for a permanent replacement, but also, we would like to add a 2nd guitarist! We are really excited about all the new music and potential for the future – We really can’t wait to share it all with our fans!! 😀

In the meantime, be sure to tune into Lucid Fly’s next “NegativeSpace Radio” show on Lucky Star Radio on Tuesday, December 2nd at 5:00pm PST for some more sonic goodness!

That’s all I got for now ~ MUCH LOVE!! xox

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