2014 Wrap and Happy New Year!
by on December 31, 2014 in Uncategorized

Even though it flew by faster than any year in history, a lot went down in 2014! we hope everyone can reflect positively and appreciate it all — the good, the blessings, the unexpected, and even the not-what-we-hoped-for experiences that enriched us equally.

For Nikki and I, we can remember kicking off the year reaching new heights with our first “International” performance on the Progressive Nation at Sea cruise – not only the dream vacation, sharing dream stages filled with so many of our idols, but we came home with friends for life!

we can also thank 2014 for some incredibly rewarding long-distance collaborations. We got to work with Adam Kiger for the absolutely beautiful artwork for our newest “Stasis” EP and merch that we just put out this month. We got to again team up with our friend Brendan Dekora at the killer EastWest studios right here in Hollywood to record the tracks for that EP, then we did something brand new via the magic of the interweb so that two of the most talented producers outside of LA could mix them! It was a thrill to have the geniuses (or is it genii?) Forrester Savell and Adam Barber adding their magic touches to that EP, and we frickin loved collaborating with both of you guys. Despite the distance it was a flawless experience and perhaps the crown jewel of our achievements for the year.

Special thanks to one of our favorite people (and mega supporter of music and artists) Diggy Kat who has been super awesome by giving us the platform to share our love of discovering music on our new NegativeSp8ce monthly radio show. For the past 5 months that’s been yet another way we get to connect with like-minded music lovers all over the globe and share our discoveries and support the art that we love.

There’s been change and motion for sure and there’s no sign of it stopping anytime soon. Lucid Fly is already knee-deep in the recording process for the biggest release we’ve ever done and completely different than any other approach — new locations, new techniques, even new people. By the time that CD is ready and we perform again there will be some new gear and new faces up there with us as we add a new bassist and more instruments to our live show in 2015.

Even though it felt like most of our time might have been spent “behind the scenes” this year, we’ve enjoyed being part of the blossoming with all the bands who have been creating and promoting the music we love here in Los Angeles, and stoked to be part of that in the months to come!

With so much in motion, we’re stoked to see what comes out the other side in 2015 with our friends and families that have been there through it all, or even just for a part of the ride.. Happy New Year!

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