“The Radio Café ReverbNation Indie Music Countdown”
by on June 30, 2011 in Radio Spread the Word

Hey! Our song “Dramatis Personae” was selected to be featured on the new, weekly internet radio show “The Radio Café ReverbNation Indie Music Countdown”. “The Radio Café” has teamed up with ReverbNation to bring you the BEST indie music created by ReverbNation members from around the world! The show is hosted by its creator, Emmy Award winner Christopher Ewing, who, for years, has been a major advocate for getting radio airplay and recognition for independent singers and bands.

Our song will remain in rotation each week based upon the votes cast by listeners of the show so… Please vote to keep “Dramatis Personae” spinning!! Thank you so much for supporting our music…spread the good Lucid Fly word 😉


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